Adventure Club

The West Windsor Adventure Club is hiring for leader/ Director, intern and staff positions 
for Fall! This is a great opportunity for community members and young people ages 16 
and up to share your passion for the outdoors with our junior adventurers. The 
Adventure Club is based on Mt Ascutney and serves the students (K-6) in the West 
Windsor Community.

Adventure Club offers kids what they really need; time spent outside, actively exploring 
the natural world. Sessions engage youth in active, hands-on experiences through the 
changing seasons. Activities include exploring on foot, mountain bikes, snowshoes, and 
skis; playing games, learning outdoor skills, and engaging in a variety of craft and 
stewardship projects in the wild.

What makes this program unique? Our approach borrows from adventure playgrounds, 
forest schools, unschooling, and neighborhood play of old. We encourage independent 
decision making, and provide opportunities to take physical, social, and emotional risks 
that develop confidence, skills and independence.

The Adventure Club Director will have the opportunity to collaborate with the school staff 
to help support the students in engaging in the environment they live in.
Interns and staff work together collaboratively to facilitate play, and learn and grow 
ourselves in a supportive and fun work environment. Interns generally have a year or 
less of experience working with kids. Staff positions are competitive and prerequisites 
include a year plus working with kids, as well as current CPR and first aid certifications 
(may be completed the first weeks of work).

Interns work 2-3 afternoons per week, 2:25 - 5 pm. Our program may count towards 
academic credit or community service hours for your school.

Director and Paid staff positions are 3-5 afternoons per week, 2:25 - 5:15, plus prep 
time. The director would be paid between $20 - 22 an hour depending on experience 
and responsibility.

Competitive pay of $15 - $17/hr depending on experience and responsibilities.

If interested please contact Jenifer Aldrich at